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Studying Abroad Can Change the Way You See The World

Study Abroad Programs give you the opportunity to experience the world as your classroom. Rather than picking things up from books and the Internet, navigating a new landscape may open your eyes to culture, history, a new language or your heritage. Studying Abroad opens the door to personal growth and discovery too. As you learn to say ‘hello’ in a foreign language, make friends, eat exciting new foods, it is bound to boost your confidence, teach you self-reliance and stretch the parameters of your comfort zone.

We create opportunities that help bring students, teachers and parents all over the world together. We foster the development of understanding and mutual respect between communities and nations by promoting the exchange of ideas and experiences. We help give students, teachers, and young professionals from across the world skills that make them active and responsible global citizens.

Further more our Programs help global students gain the understanding, acquire knowledge, and develop skills for living in a globally interdependent and culturally diverse world by bringing the world together through the most meaningful exchange programs available. 

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Study abroad alumni who applied through Study Quests got their 1st or 2nd at the univesities they applied.


Study Quests alumni students found employment within 12 months of graduation.


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