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What do I gain from an international internship?

Unlock Opportunities

Work full-time in a placement field of your choice and lay the groundwork for your future career. Whether business or music, in a board room or a laboratory, an internship will open the door.

Increase Independence

Living abroad is one thing, working abroad is another thing entirely. Challenge yourself and create a space where you can be more independent both personally and professionally.

Global Network

Many of our interns are placed in offices with a variety of international colleagues. Work in interdisciplinary teams, embrace new cultural norms, and forge a brand new network in your field.

Internships in Russia

Get an internship in Russia and explore the largest country in the world! Russia covers approximately an eighth of the world's inhabited area, almost twice the size of the United States and borders 14 countries. Due to its size, Russia has something to suit all travelers from the subtropical climate of the Black Sea to the arctic temperatures of Siberia.

Self-discovery happens outside of your comfort zone. Place yourself in a new environment filled with new perspectives and diverse backgrounds and you'll quickly learn more about yourself and the people around you at home and at work. Interning abroad is not just about you, its about creating a greater global understanding. Your choice to intern abroad will impact your future personally and professionally, creating lifelong connections and a global network. Whatever your motivation, an internship abroad can help you on the path to where you hope to be.

Russia has plenty to offer interns with its rich history and cultural heritage. The country has renowned museums, famous theaters and ornate buildings and many world heritage sites. Visitors experience a unique culture – influenced from both Europe and Asia. Its rapidly growing economy also makes it a great destination, particularly for business internships.


Business/International Business

With Russia’s fast growing economy, many international companies have offices or headquarters here. Areas such as marketing, accounting, and finance are generally favorable fields for internships. However, these jobs should be pre-arranged, as finding a business to sponsor you will be very difficult once you're in Russia.


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Teaching English

Teaching English is a great way to experience Russia. There are many companies that are able to assist you with placements and can also assist with accommodation and your visa. Many require you to take Russian language classes at the beginning of your placement and an intermediate level of Russia preferred.


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Hospitality Tourism

There are many new developments along the coast of the Black Sea as Russia gets prepared to host the Winter Olympics.World cup football, and the overall growth of the modern Russian cities. The rapid growth in the tourism industry makes it a great time for those interested in business or hospitality internships.


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International Development

There are many not for profit organizations that offer internships in Russia, from international development to environmental conservation. Most of these positions are usually unpaid and paid positions depending on your agreement and satisfactorr and can range in duration from 3 weeks to one year.

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Energy and Oil

Russia has the largest reserves of mineral and energy and is the largest producer of oil and natural gas, with that in mind Russia has 90% of its cities overcrowded with oils and gas companies making it easier for intern workers get absorbed easily .


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When and Where to Look for an Internship

Major cities, Moscow and St. Petersburg are most popular with international companies and many offices are located in these cities. The Coast is great for hospitality internships with many resorts.

You could travel to Russia without an internship lined up but this will be extremely difficult. Unless you already have a contact in Russia It is best to make arrangements with us and get you the company before you travel,that will be able to help you apply for your business visa and internship. and it is best to apply a couple of months before you plan on leaving.


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education in russia
MBBS in Russia

MBBS IN RUSSIA: studying MBBS in Russia is the best option among international students, because the Russian Federation has a number of the best medical Universities in World. Tuition fee for MBBS in Russia is very nominal and affordable as compared to other countries because it is subsidized by theRussian government.

Engineering universities in russia

Engineering as a profession offers multitude of opportunities and will never go out of fashion or reach a point of saturation.Russia has been famous for top-level education in different spheres of Engineering and many of its universities are considered to be the schools of educational excellence, having a potential for real greatness.

Aviation Universities

Russia being the center of excellence in terms of science, foreign students are welcomed to STUDY AERONAUTICAL ENGINEERING, AIRCRAFT ENGINEERING, AND PILOTING IN RUSSIA.

Business Education for Digital Era

With highly skilled professional, through project-based practical education, paperless digital learning experience you get prepared for any challenges and opportunities in the global business market.

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