Belgorod University Cooperative, economics and Law

University of Cooperation, Economics Law is one of the leading economic universities in Russia, which has created a multi-level system of continuous training that includes secondary vocational, higher and additional training.Today the university is an entire educational network possessing six affiliates in different regions of the country: S...

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Tver State Medical University

Tver State Medical University is one of the top medical universities of Russia.It is one of the oldest and leading educational institutions in Russia.

For more than 70 years the Tver State Medical University has been playing a leading role in the development of medical science and training of medical practitioners and scientists Today it is the largest medical scien...

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Kursk State Medical University

Kursk State Medical University | Kursk State Medical AcademyKursk State Medical University is one of the largest, oldest and leading university of Russian Federation in Kursk city. Kursk State Medical University is considered to be center of education...

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Rostov State Medical University

 Welcome to study MBBS in Rostov State Medical University, in Russia

Rostov State Medical University is a higher education institution, the largest basic training, research and treatment center in city of Rostov-on-Don of southern Russia...

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Orel State University

Orel State University was founded in 1931 as an industrial-Pedagogical Institute , which is on September 11, 1996 renamed into the Orel State University. Orel State University is located in the city OREL, distance between Moscow and Orel is 325 kilometers , 2hr drive to the Russian capital city Moscow.

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