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Unlock Opportunities

Work full-time in a placement field of your choice and lay the groundwork for your future career. Whether business or music, in a board room or a laboratory, an internship will open the door.

Increase Independence

Living abroad is one thing, working abroad is another thing entirely. Challenge yourself and create a space where you can be more independent both personally and professionally.

Global Network

Many of our interns are placed in offices with a variety of international colleagues. Work in interdisciplinary teams, embrace new cultural norms, and forge a brand new network in your field.

When you teach English abroad, you could have the opportunity to develop your teaching experience as well as your students’ language abilities. As part of teach abroad programs, you might study methods to help non-native speakers better grasp and comprehend the English language. Later in your academic career, you might even be able to apply those techniques in your own classroom.

And, teaching abroad programs may be available throughout the globe! Depending on your own travel goals, you could choose to teach English abroad in both native and non-native speaking countries. Not only could this potentially benefit a wide-range of students, but it could be an opportunity to explore a new part of the world.

Plus, when you teach abroad you may have the chance to apply for a TEFL, TESL, or another certificate at the end of your program. Putting this certification on your resume might be the push you need to pursue a future career. Just think, your study abroad experience may not have to end when you complete your semester away from home. It could continue on as you use the skills and knowledge you studied while teaching English abroad throughout the rest of your life.


Where Could You Teach English Abroad?

As you prepare to teach abroad, you may find you have almost unlimited countries to study in! For instance, you may feel more comfortable studying and teaching in a country where you already speak the language. Not to mention, this could make it easier to navigate the country during your travels. In that case, pursuing a TESL program might be a perfect choice for you. This could also be a great choice for students who haven’t studied abroad or traveled previously. The familiar language could make this a stress-free first time abroad.

Or, you could choose to study TEFL in a non-English speaking country. This could be a chance to jump into a real-world English teaching scenario. When you arrive, you could practice TEFL techniques with other English speakers and faculty in your program. Then, you could practically apply that knowledge by instructing in an actual, non-native speaking classroom. By doing this, you could experience what it might be like to actually work in a TEFL center.

Teaching English is a great way to experience Russia. There are many companies that are able to assist you with placements and can also assist with accommodation and your visa. Many require you to take Russian language classes at the beginning of your placement and an intermediate level of Russia preferred.

Teaching English in Russia can be both a challenging yet rewarding experience. It is an opportunity to live in a mysterious and fascinating country and interact with its people. There are many things to do and places to explore. From its sprawling and bustling capital city of Moscow to its quaint, Siberian villages and towns, living in Russia is truly a unique and valuable adventure.


When Could I Teach English Abroad?

You could choose to teach abroad during almost any semester during your academic year. In fact, you could even extend your teaching abroad experience from a single semester to an entire year. You might even be able to split your time between two different countries. That way, you could stay longer if you find yourself loving your time instructing abroad.

Teach English abroad programs are more commonly offered during the traditional fall and spring semesters. In these programs, students could have the chance to expand their teaching skills and knowledge before eventually move towards teaching their own classes. Many schools are used to students studying abroad during these times. Because of this, your advisers may be more equipped to help you accommodate this experience in your schedule.

Shorter programs may also be offered during the winter and summer semesters. These programs are typically shorter to fit into the break period. Therefore you might not have to alter your curriculum schedule. Many of these programs only last 2 to 3 weeks. Because of this, it might be a stepping stone for students who haven’t studied abroad before. They could see how comfortable they are traveling alone before committing to a longer program later.


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Before You Head Out to Teach English Abroad

Before boarding a plane, it’s time to find a perfect way for you to teach English abroad. To start your search, browse the list of links of this page. Clicking a link provides you with brief description about a program. This could outline things like program length, course structure, and maybe even planned trips. While you’re there, you could also request more info from the program itself.


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