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Visa and registration | Education in Russia for Foreign Nationals Visa and registration | Education in Russia for Foreign Nationals

Visa and registration | Education in Russia for Foreign Nationals

Russian Student Visa for foreign students in A broad

Foreign students enter Russia with passports and student visas. There is a visa-free regime between Russia and some countries. As a rule visa-free period lasts from 1 to 3 months and don’t suit for longer stay or permanent living.

visa and registration

How to apply for educational visa

You should apply for a student visa to Russian embassy or consulate of Russia in your home country,or where your applying from, best if you make the application from your home country or any visa service center. immediately after receiving our invitation letter from the university, all the necessary application detaila have been explained here click here to navigate to the admission page.

Step 1. Formalization of invitation

This is the primary stage of application, where you are required to fill in all the fields with all the details as indicated on the admissions page admission page.. and also filling in the application on form which is downloadable from our website.you can a swell upload all the documents to our emails studyquests@gmail.com

Step 2. Documentation package preparing

After receiving an invitation (or you can see at admision and arrivals that your invitation arrives at your country) you should prepare documentation package for applying to embassy (consulate) of Russia. all the list have been listed here:admisions abroad.

  2. International Passport (Traveling Document valid not less than two year).
  3. Original Invitation Letter from the University
  4. Birth Certificate (should be legalized)
  5. Higher Secondary School certificate (For 1st year Bachelor Level students)(certified by the ministry of education in his/her country)(should be legalized)
  6. Bachelor Degree & transcripts (For Master's Level students) (should be legalized)
  7. Masters Degree & Transcripts (For Ph.D. Level students)(should be legalized)
  8. Medical Certificate showing physical and mental fitness (translated into the Russian language)issued at least two months prior the entrance in to Russia (should be legalized)
  9. Medical Certificate showing absence of AIDS/HIV issued at least two months prior to the entrance into the Russian Federation (should be certified)
  10. Sponsorship Letter/ Documents from the Parents/ Person who is going to bear the expenses for the student during stay/ studying in Russia . (It is not a condition for all Nationalities) (should be certified)
  11. Bank Statement (Least 3 months movement in account and with balance covering first year's tuition fee and personal expenses(should be certified)
  12. 10 Copies of passport photos 3.5 x 4.5 cm & police clearance certificate ( CERTIFICATE OF GOOD CONDUCT)

  13. Note that Russian Embassy provides services to translate and legalize required documents

Step 3. Applying to Russian embassy (consulate)

With full documentation package you can apply to embassy (consulate) of Russia in your country. After passing an interview you should pay for student visa. The student visa turnaround time is 2-3 weeks. the rest of the details concerning the student visa is obtainable at the Russian embassy in your country

Educational visa validity

For the first time educational visa is valid for 3 months. For extension you should apply to Emigration department in your university, contact the international university when your visa is a about to end normally a month before it ends you should apply for a new one after which you can can apply for multi-entry visa for 1 year. During this period you can stay in Russia or leave and return. Upon the expire you should apply for extension again and thus till the end of your studying.

How to extend a visa

For educational visa extension you should apply to university department for work with foreign students before 30-40 days before expiration.

Here is the list of necessary documents:

  1. Application form.
  2. Photograph.
  3. International passport.
  4. Contract for study (copy), enquire from the emigration department.
  5. Intercession from University in written and free format, indication the reason to extend visa.
  6. Receipt confirming the payment of State duty.
  7. Detachable section of the notification form (issued during migration registration).
  8. Admission form (original and copy).

Migration card

Upon arriving in Russia every foreign citizen should fill admission form and always have it in possession during his or her stay in Russia. In 2 days you should apply for primary migration registration with documentation package.


The purpose of migration card is to verify that foreign citizen crossed the Russian border legally. Without a migration card a foreign citizen cannot live, study nor legally work in Russia.
You can get a free migration card form onboard your plane, in a train or in passport control zone at the airport or railway station.
Admission form is valid during all the time of your staying in Russia. When leaving the country you should leave it at boarder control post. When returning to the country you should fill in a new migration card.

Migration registration

In 7 days after entering Russia foreign citizens should apply for migration registration. For this purpose you should submit necessary documents to the University in 3 days after arriving. Here is the list of documents:

  1. Passport (or any document of identification).
  2. Visa (if available).
  3. Admission form.

In the University you will get detachable section of the notification form. This is the document of migration registration. It allows you to stay in Russia during the period indicated. Primary – 3 month, further – 1 year.

How to extend migration registration

For extension of the period of migration registration you should apply in the University department working with foreign students before 15-20 days till expiration.

If you lost migration documents

In case of lost or damage of admission form you should in 3 days apply to General Directorate of migration of RF Ministry of Internal Affairs. You will receive a free copy upon presentation of passport, visa, student’s card, detachable section of the notification form.
It’s important to apply to General Directorate of migration of RF Ministry of Internal Affairs in term of 3 days after lost.

All other types of medical services are rendered on a fee-paying basis. To receive these services, international students must obtain insurance covering routine treatment including check-ups, tests, prescriptions and specialist consultations.

Permission for work

Permission for work is released only for full-time education students of the universities that have a state accreditation. All state universities and most of the private ones do have the accreditation. It’s important that you can work only by profession stated in permission and only in the region (city) of your university.

Permission for work validity

The permission for work is valid for 1 year. After 1 year permission for work should be prolonged for a new term. If a student drops out studying his/her permission for work is cancelled. As for changing place of work during permission validity the student can easily do it without releasing a new permission. All that he should do is to inform migration service about changes in 7 days.


International students typically come to Russia for quite a long period (from one term to 4-5 years) which is why an ordinary travel health insurance policy from their country of origin is unsuitable. This type of insurance policy is not valid in the majority of Russian hospitals and under such a policy the patient often has to pay for the treatment themselves and apply for a refund from the insurance company only once they have returned home. This is very inconvenient for students who are studying abroad.

Upon arrival in Russia you need to purchase a voluntary health insurance (VHI) policy, which covers the minimum of medical services required by Russian law (including out-patient and in-patient care, hospitalisation and transportation) and is accepted at clinics and hospitals located near the place of your studies or residence. In this case, you will not be required to pay to see a doctor as it would be sufficient to present your student ID card (or passport) and your policy.

Before your departure for Russia, contact your university representatives and find out whether they provide assistance in obtaining a VHI policy. This is usually arranged by the international student offices. They will help you to arrange and obtain insurance from a partner company of university at a lower rate. You can also obtain a VHI policy independently from any Russian insurer, but it will be quicker and less expensive to arrange it through the university.

Who can apply for summer schools in EUROPE?

European Summer School is available for both students and young professionals.


  • minimum 18 years of age
  • For majority of the courses, own laptop is required

What about free time in summer schools?

You can expect many entertaining social activities organized for you and your new international schoolmates by the university. Many of which include city tours, landmarks, mountains climbing swimming pools, night panties, and many more interesting.some (such as trips outside town, entrances to landmarks or sport facilities, etc.).

What are the advantages of attending a summer school abroad?

  • ECTS credits: Many summer schools offer ECTS credits for their courses. They are well-recognised worldwide and can enable you to replace a part of your studies with a summer school course! That gives you a less packed schedule during the semester and the possibility to speed up your studies.
  • Experience abroad: Studying in another country is a great experience and gaining international experience already during your studies is getting increasingly important on the job market. Unfortunately, not every student has the time and the chance to spend a full semester abroad. Before considering university courses, summer schools are a great alternative to getting your study abroad experience!
  • Get to know people, country and culture: Summer schools are not only about the academics but can also give you great experiences that go far beyond the average summer holiday! Along the way, you have the great opportunity to get to know fellow students from all over the world, improve your language skills, meet locals, experience a different culture and much more!
  • Good try out: Are you undecided which university to choose for your Master’s or which specialisation to take? Summer schools are a great opportunity to get to know a university or a certain subject beforehand.


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